Weekly Success Meeting

Thursdays | 6:00PM
5:45-6:00 Guest Arrival Pizza/set up
6:00-7:30pm Success Event. Skin Care room
8:00-8:45pm Career Coffees

What to Bring

What to Wear – The Image you put forth is IMPORTANT!

Image and Etiquette

Studio Pink Appointment Card

Studio Dues

Consultants: $5/week or $15/month (see guidelines)

Guests: Free

No Kids Rule

Due to our  New Professional Meeting Center, all the Directors have made a rule of no children.  We want to make this a professional atmosphere & encourage our customers to join us for an evening of pampering “AWAY from the kids.” Therefore, NO children will be permitted to attend with consultants or guests. Please let your guests know this ahead of time! Thanks!

Studio Meeting Location

90 Erie Canal Drive, Suite D

Rochester, NY 14626

Thursday Night Invite

Muffins & Makeovers Invite

General Invitation