Launch Party

Step 1: Invite list and a copy to recruiter or Directer ASAP

You can text your Director a picture of your list!

Step 2: Invites

Launch Party Invites

495909 US UNL STARTER KIT BOX 12272 English

Step 3: Coach It!

New Consultant Language for Inviting/Announcing Business


IF voice mail:

Hi _________its ___________. I just wanted to talk to you for a minute and I didn’t want to text it- so when you get a chance buzz me back.

–          If the person texts back and says “whats up” just say “hey can you buzz me for a quick minute I don’t want to text”



I am super excited about something. I decided to start my own business teaching skin care and Makeup art with Mary Kay.  I decided to do this because I loved the service and have fallen in love with the products plus I am looking for some extra money for__________(insert reason).   I know its crazy but I am very excited and I would NEVER ask you to buy a thing… I am just looking for some practice and support.  My Launch part is on ____________ at_______________ and I would love to have you there.  Is there any reason you couldn’t make it that night?


If they say they can’t- then you go ahead and schedule them for a time to try the products (home or studio).

If they say yes- then send them the jpeg that was sent to you to give them a reminder of date/time


If your list is very small- you can easily say “if you want to bring a a friend you get a free gift”

You can use the other jpeg sent to you with the picture of the rings/sunglasses to also indicate when you have 10 women showing their support you will be earning a ring

For a printable script click HERE