New Consultant Education

Congratulations on your decision to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I truly believe the reason for our success now and in the future can be traced to one common factor: quality people like you!  Welcome to our fabulous Future Million Dollar Unit!


Our unit name is The Crankin Rankins and our unit number is AY99. We are part of the Emerald Division & Go Give Area.

I love this business because you never stop learning and there are always opportunities to grow. As a new Consultant, I strongly urge you to start scheduling and holding your first appointments as soon as you receive your Starter Kit, because what you lack in experience you can make up for in enthusiasm! Although you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of continuous education in your Mary Kay business, activity will provide your greatest sense of learning. Mary Kay herself often said, “You can do everything right with the wrong attitude and fail to succeed, but you can do everything wrong with the right attitude and succeed beyond your dreams!” The first few weeks of your Mary Kay business can really set the pace for your future.

I am so excited for you! I care about your future and I am committed to helping you succeed. You’ll want to try all the products, and start working on your contact list which is found in your Magazine in your starter kit. As always, I will match my time 100% with your effort! Be patient with yourself and just take it one step at a time.  We’ll move at your pace. Have a great start!




Training Calls

Booking Training Call
1-605-313-5099 access 845180# ref 1#

Individual Close Training Call
1-605-313-5099 access 845180# ref 2#

Coaching Training Call
1-605-313-5099 access 845180# ref 3#

Click the Image above to get a downloadable/printable copy.



Coaching & Hostess Packets

Print Your Hostess Packets

Hostess Packets

Make sure you always have 5-10 hostess packets prepared. If you have them ready, you will book! Here is what goes in your Hostess Packets

Team Building Flyer

$75 for 25 Hostess Promotion

Invite List

Outside Order Form

Look Books –Purchase on Section 2

Include a self-addressed stamped envelope so that your Hostess can mail you her invitation list back! Include a few blank invitations.

Party Prep

Use the FlipChart and Specials Sheet provided in your Starter Kit

Items to Purchase: Sponges, Cotton Balls, Q-Tips, Pens

Items to Print:

Love Myself Specials

$100 Survey

Individual Close Script

Referral Sheet 2018

Tray Inserts

Miracle Set 3D


Volu-Firm Repair


Color Tray



After the Party

You should be calling Recruiter after classes to go over results.

Take a picture of your guests profile cards and send to your director so we can call & thank all of your guests for helping you get started!
Do this with all guests until first PowerStart is complete!

You’re off to a BEAUTIFUL START!

You\’re off to a beautiful start!